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Proper Fit


CCW Breakaways Khakis, Cargos and Jeans are manufactured and labeled TRUE-TO-SIZE.

Unfortunately, labeling pants with "Vanity Sizes" has become commonplace in the garment industry and sizing standards vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. So please follow the step-by-step sizing guidelines presented here before ordering your CCW Breakaways products.

Step 1. Measure a comfortable pair of your existing pants as shown in the photo. Do not choose an existing pant that is tight fitting. Do not choose an existing pant with an expandable elastic waistband.

Step 2. Stretch a tape measure across the inside of the waistband.

Step 3. Record the number. Multiply by two. This is your TRUE-TO-SIZE waist size.

Step 4. Order accordingly.

CCW Breakaways Size 34 pant is shown in this example.

If you regularly use an IWB holster . . . and if you normally up-size your pants to use the IWB holster . . . you do not need to do that with CCW Breakaways pants.