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Using a Manual Safety


Use a Firearm's Manual Safety?


Absolutely! We encourage firearms to be stored and carried with the mechanical safety in the "SAFE" position. If a firearm does not have a manual mechancial safety, we encourage the use of an aftermarket device like the Saf-T-Blok trigger block device. We sell this product as an accessory to our product line. The firearm without a manual safety could also be carried un-chambered.


Safety is so important to us that we created a whole webpage dedicated to the subject matter. To study and understand this subject, please click here . This link is also provided on each invoice and packing slip sent, on each customer service response issued, on the outside Hang Tag, and on the inside sewn-on Care Tag of each pair of pants sold.


There are no "do-overs" for an accidental discharge. Always follow the NRA's or the NSSF's Gun Safe Rules. If you do not understand, please seek a certified professional instructor for training.




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