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A Faster Withdrawal
  • Not a race with adversary over 'who gets his gun first'
  • Full gun grip established in concealment as conflict escalates before the need to draw
  • One-handed draw, not two
  • Two enlarged "breakaway" holster-pocket openings, left & right
  • Smooth, fluid motion- ergonomic alignment of draw fingers, hand, wrist, forearm
  • Faster draw than from traditional holster in concealment
A Deeper Concealment
  • Covert without the 'tactical operator' look
  • No un-tucked shirt, vest, jacket or cover clothing needed
  • Casual, normal looking clothes
  • No telegraphing or gun printing
A More Comfortable Carry
  • Firearm carried below the hip line-of-flexure
  • No gun or holster pinching at the waistband
  • Functionality & mobility in any position
  • Stand-up or ground fighting
  • Running or jumping
  • Sitting or squatting
  • Holster-pockets adjust for all sizes of firearms