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CCW Breakaways was awarded five patents and one trademark by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The documents can be viewed at the USPTO.gov site. Please follow these links:

US 8,307,465 | US 8,484,765 | US 8,522,367 | US 8,839,464 | US 8,856,970


Some of CCW Breakaways videos have "patents pending" in the trailers. All pending applications have been approved.




A Description of the Problem

The patented CCW Breakaways products and methods solve a problem that has existed for over 170 years. How can a firearm be concealed and carried comfortably, and then accessed and deployed quickly when required?





A Solution

The CCW Breakaways products with disguised and enlargeable openings are “normal looking.” They provide a tactical advantage to the user because the firearm deployment is “pre-staged.” A full-gun-grip is established in a concealed state. The method for firearm deployment is faster than drawing from a traditional holster. The products also make carrying a firearm comfortable which distinguishes them from traditional holstering methods.

  • CCW Men's Khakis and Cargos were launched in 2010
  • CCW Men's Jeans were launched in 2012