SkinTight Holster

Product Availability Expected in June 2019

Hard-Core Skin-Tight Pocket Holster | Patent Pending

Eliminate Accidental Discharges (AD) . . . Eliminate Negligent Discharges (ND)

Minimalist Design . . . Maximum Safety

Super-Skinny-Thin, Non-Bulky, and Less Than One Ounce in Weight

Adaptable to Varying Sizes


A Hard Thermoformed Kydex Core

For Zero Penetration into the Trigger Guard

For an Unobstructed Firearm Entry and a Smooth Sliding Withdrawal

For a Contouring-Shape to Eliminate Printing

For a Snag-Free Sight Channel


A Soft-To-Touch, Cushiony Neoprene/Spandex Skin

For Circumferential Compression, a 360 Degree Squeeze

For Gun Retention in the Holster

For Holster Retention in the Pocket


A Tactile Registration Point (TRP)

For Trigger Finger Discipline . . . an Indexed Sensory Location Point

For the Trigger Finger Landing “On-The-Slide” After Draw



GOOD Discipline: Trigger Finger on the TRP



GOOD RESULTS: Trigger Finger On The Slide



 POOR and IMPROPER Discipline



 POOR RESULTS: AD or ND Possible